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Dio's Call

It had been turnings beyond count or number since the last great battle between Sand & Snow. The New World had become old & the Sand slept. But the Snow had not been idle, it had slipped away while the Sand slept, into other worlds, worlds where the Light of Dio had not yet shone. And there it began to consume them.

Dio saw this & was grieved for these worlds were previously without corruption & had yet held the promise of true peace. Thus it was that he looked back to ZA WARUDO. Where all had begun & all will yet end. Dio looked upon the last of The People who still held the embers of a once great fire.

Dio looked in the fields & places of work where the men were busied with their tasks & he saw the Pride of the people was not diminished. Dio looked in the armories & the training fields where the Warriors trained & he saw the Power that was waiting to be called. He looked in the houses where the women were cooking & the children studied & he saw that Peace was not forgotten. Thus was ZA WARUDO when Dio spoke.

Dio spoke unto the minds & hearts of every true believer;

 My beloved people, for many turnings you have lived in peace. Free of Snow, free of want, free of suffering, free of all forms pig disgusting. But no more, Snow has escaped into other worlds where it would seek to hide my love, where it would seek to turn man against man & brother against brother, where it would seek to destroy all that is good. Therefore I call upon you the chosen people to carry forth my word to these worlds & drive out the Snow. 

As Dio spoke these words the world shook as if it was being torn asunder & a great path of Sand appeared as if from the center of the world in Punjab & stretched forth into the sky with no end in sight. Then Dio spoke to Pfeiffer;

 Pfeiffer, many years you have labored in my service, in you I find no fault nor weakness. So I call upon you to be a leader of leaders. Lead a multitude of my people through the path I have created. Beyond the path lies Orbis of all worlds the most afflicted by Snow. There the Snow has evolved & changed, it has taken on new forms that appear fair to the unwary & would pretend to stretch forth the hand of friendship & yet with other hand seek you great harm. But fear not, no matter how it may change Snow will never mark Sand. 

Not sooner had Dio finished speaking then he departed & a great scurrying to & fro began as the people prepared for their task. So great was the number of people that 60 leaders were needed to guide them & a full fortnight was taken from the first group starting on the path to the last starting. Upon reaching Orbis a great vote was held & The People chose the name Mensa HQ as their banner in this new world.