Nationality Flag-Pakistan Pakistani
National rank 1
Date of birth July 9, 2009
Date of death January 11, 2011
Residence Flag-Pakistan Punjab
Sex Male
Political party Stone Ocean
Faith Dioism
Newspaper McFarland Journal
President of Pakistan
Oct 5, 2010 – Nov 5, 2010
Position Soldier
Rank 20px Field Marshal*


Max Mcfarland 2 was a citizen of 20px USA. He died and created another account called Max McFarland 3.


Max is widely known as a former president of Pakistan, the only one who managed to take over all but one of 20px India regions, with the power of dio! He used the forces of pakistan, USA, and other countries to unite against 1 common enemy and destroy them. He also caused economical chaos by doing things such as buying out all the food in india so the soilders wouldn't be able to eat, and sending it to the forces he had so they could kill india with their own food!


He was a one time president of Icon-Pakistan Pakistan but was also in Congress on many occasions and was a well respected global politician, known around the world for his kindness and financial power.


He was a tactical man who had many strategies and a credit card to boot.