Dead citizen
Dead citizen
Permanently banned

Nationality 20px Israeli
Date of birth April 23rd 2010
day 885 of the New World
Date of death February 24th 2011
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Newspaper Word of a Lunatic
Party president of Death for Barney the Dinosaur
December 25th 2010 – January 28, 2011
Rank 20px Sergeant
'Citizen received a permanent ban for administering multiple accounts

J.G.RR was a citizen of Israel.



J.G.RR was born in Jerusalem, Israel in the time of the first millennia, in day 885 of the New World.

He was curious about the life and about the whole existence of citizens of eRepublik, so he started to learn about Dioism. Time went by, and he got bored of the life, so he let himself go, and died on day 898 of the New World. In the life beyond, he suffered from coldness and nothingness.


J.G.RR was reborn on day 1,014 of the New World, by his great power of resistance against the darkness of the after life. And resurrected as a new, and whole, eRepublikan. Then he joined the United Zionist Party, and it became Israel Cooperative Party. Then, it all changed.


Suddenly, J.G.RR decided to explore his beloved Religion in Pakistan, Dioism. When he studied The Trumpets of Dio, The Circles of Dio and The Book of Dio, he came to a conclusion, life is more complicated in eRepublik then the products quality, parties, presidents, countries, gods, religions, organizations, wars, jobs, training, armies. There is the whole, complete, inspiring, Love.

The ReturningEdit

On December 7th 2010, J.G.RR came back to Israel to start the Dioist Movement in Israel. He came to Israel and said: I'M BACK! PRIDE, POWER, PAKISTAN!.

The Third TrumpetEdit

J.G.RR saw Dio Brando in his dream, and Dio told him about the continue of The Trumpets of Dio. So J.G.RR set, with his user on the wiki Blemper, and wrote the Holy Third Trumpet which takes place in Israel.


J.G.RR was the Chief of Staff of the Die Barney Militia, the paramilitary force of Death for Barney the Dinosaur.